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How I Am Building Vegan Muscle Mass on An Animal Friendly Diet

Let me tell you a lovely short story.

Once upon a time, a cute little boy was born to a tough as nails but loving mom. Dad didn’t live long enough to see me come into this world. So it was me and mom vs the world. 

I was the scrawny kid. Not even the smart type with glasses. They sometimes got away with their smarts. I was the other type. You know, the one the jocks on TV deliberately run into in the hallways. But NO. This is not a sob story. You see, I actually handled teasing quite well from 4th grade. My mother was what you’d call… Er… what’s that word again?

Ah Yes!

A gangster

Not Peaky Blinders. Just tough. This woman could harness both fire and ice like no one I’d ever seen. But because she was not legally allowed to hurt my bullies, she decided to drill me on how to snap back with wit and mental fortitude.  And that was my way of dealing with unoriginal skinny kid jokes throughout secondary school. 

Despite all that, one thing always bothered me: my ridiculously fast metabolism and my inability to gain weight. 

I would lose weight just by breathing! I loved Wrestlemania. And I always aspired to look like the late Macho Man. He was my idol. I would always talk about this dream of mine. And I would get laughed at. Because I was Skinny Ger (short for Gerald). And my disgust for meat was no secret too.

How do you even think you can gain weight eating salads?

Hey Ger, c’mere. Giz a Macho Lettuce.

The list goes on. 

At the time in high school I was vegetarian. I made my decision in secondary school when I saw a lamb’s tail being docked for the first time. I froze as I watched the lamb scamper around in pain with blood on its rear legs.  I could not bring myself to eat animal meat since then. And even so, I was still not sure I could ever become my favourite wrestler without animal fat and protein.

Why so?

Well, because everyone told me that I needed to eat meat. And lots of it! And you could imagine, for a scrawny guy like me, I needed maybe twice the amount. I felt like I really could not do it.

I only began to hit the gym two years ago (2018). Shortly after I switched to Veganism at the start of the new year. It was almost the next natural step in the process. My fitness instructor’s vegan meal plans helped me a great deal. But after more than a year (and earning a hard-earned 33lbs in the process), I felt I still needed to supplement the protein I needed to achieve my body-building goals.

That… is when I found out about The Green Protein.

What is The Green Protein?

The Green Protein is a new and trusted Dublin-based producer of Vegan and plant-based protein supplements. And their products are clean, effective and affordable. Sourcing all their materials from Ireland also meant to me that they can keep products CHEAP, environmentally friendly and affordable.

Their Guarantees are stated below.

  • 100% Affordable
  • 100% Vegan and Plant-based protein supplements
  • 100% Animal Friendly/Cruelty-Free
  • 100% Environmentally Friendly
  • 100% Irish

And Now we get to the Good Part. 

How do their Products BENEFIT you?

First and most importantly  – AFFORDABILITY!

With an impressive product range of both Vegan and Plant-Based products starting at just €12.99, The Green Protein allows you to spend €2.60/100g in a market where the average protein supplement costs €3/100g. 

That is a saving of 13cents for every €1.

Talk about value for your money!

Secondly. Most of their plant based supplements are produced from Irish Flax Seeds which is a great protein source for vegetarians and vegans due to its complete amino acid profile. Flax protein is often referred to as the ‘complete protein source’. 

This is not only because it contains all 20 amino acids, but also due to the fact that it’s naturally high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, not to mention that it’s high in fibre.

And that’s not all!

All orders placed online before 3pm are eligible for Next Day delivery in Ireland and the UK. So not only do they SAVE you money, they SAVE you valuable time as well. 


As a current user of the Green Protein’s products, I fully believe their products will meet your fitness needs as they have met mine. As a result, I encourage you to engage with them on social media. You can reach out to @thegreenprotein on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

You can also use the #TeamGreenProtein hashtag, and Win a Green Protein Sportswear item if you post using this hashtag.

You now know what to do!

Get Vegan Fit. Plant Power. Build Vegan Mass. 

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