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Why Hemp Could Be The Solution for Global Warming

“We need to reduce our carbon footprint”

How many times have you heard people say this before, especially big companies with a marketing stake in the statement. But what does this actually mean? More importantly, what does it mean for everyone of us?

The Importance of Hemp

When people talk about saving the environment, this movement is a direct response to rapid increase in the warming of Earth’s climate. Global warming is a real threat to our planet, our farmers, and our wildlife. The gas responsible for most of global warming is carbon dioxide, or CO2. Most of the CO2 released into the atmosphere comes from the combustion of factories, fossil fuels for cars and electricity.

Nitrous oxide is another toxic gas that is damaging our environment. Most nitrous oxide comes from farming fertilisers, industrial purposes and the loss of the planets rainforests that would otherwise be sequestering the CO2 in the atmosphere. While nitrous oxide is 300 times more harmful than carbon dioxide, no gas adds more warmth to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

The Hemp Solution

When the topic of conversation moves to global warming, the conversation usually turns a little bleak. But there is hope: Hemp. Alright, maybe it’s not new. Researchers claim that hemp was the first domesticated crop, back in 12,000 B.C. – and yet, it’s new again. The European Industrial Hemp Association are pushing the EU to revise the rules on growing Hemp in Europe. The European Industrial Hemp Association believes that these limitations are unjustified and harm the business of European hemp growers. ‘The hemp food industry in Europe has a significant competitive disadvantage to producers in North America and Asia’, said the EIHA in a recent press release.

The Hemp Crop

Hemp begins sequestering carbon from the moment it is seeded; conservatively, hemp cultivation yields a sequestration ratio of about 1.5 units of sequestration per unit produced. In Layman’s terms, one acre of harvested hemp should sequester 1.5 tonnes of CO2.

So, the Hemp products manufactured by The Green Protein are not only healthy plant protein powders, but the process ‘from seed to shelf’ means that harmful CO2 gases in the atmosphere which are causing global warming are being taken out of the atmosphere, through growing Hemp with sequestration.

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