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Hemp Protein v Whey Protein

When it comes to protein powders, whey has been popular for many years. The problem is that whey doesn’t work for everyone. Whey comes from the watery part of milk that separates from the curds during the cheesemaking process. So, people who are allergic to milk or vegan cannot supplement with whey powder. Fortunately, hemp is a great plant protein alternative to whey. Here we are going to break down the difference between whey protein and hemp protein with a little comparison.

Fibre Content
Fibre is essential to the body. Fibre helps your body absorb nutrients from food, and when it comes to fibre content Hemp wins. The Green Protein Sport Protein powder contains 20 grams of fibre per 100 grams. Whey protein powder, on the other hand, only contains one gram of fibre per 100 grams.

The Winner: Hemp Protein

Calcium Content
Calcium plays a vital role in the body. It helps blood to clot, enables our heart to beat and muscles to contract. The body does not produce its own calcium. So, our entire intake must come from the foods that we eat. The Green Protein Sport Protein contains 40mg of calcium per serving. This calcium is found naturally in hemp and is not added or fortified. Although this is only four percent of our daily needs, whey protein contains none.

The Winner: Hemp Protein

Magnesium Content
Magnesium helps our nerves and muscles work properly. A lack of magnesium causes muscle cramping, numbness, and tingling. It can even cause abnormalities in the heart’s rhythm. Hemp protein supplies 80 percent of your daily magnesium needs, naturally. Supplement with whey powder instead and you’ll get no added magnesium.

The Winner: Hemp Protein

Taste Content
Are you one of the people who has tried whey powder in the past and then immediately regretted it because it tasted like chalk? Whey powder often involves chalky gritty chunks of powder that just won’t dissolve for anything — definitely not what you want to eat first thing in the morning. Hemp protein, on the other hand, is delicious. It has a slight nutty flavour that enhances the taste of shakes, oatmeal, and cereal. You can even add hemp protein powder to your baking.

The Winner: Hemp Protein

Because of whey’s chalky gritty chunks, it can be difficult to add it to your everyday recipes.  With Hemp, it’s simple. Whether you are using our Sport Hemp protein powder or adding our vegan protein powder to your favourite recipes you get the same protein benefits in all your meals.

The Winner: Hemp Protein

Protein Content
Finally, the main contest. Whey powder contains 20/25 grams of protein per 100 gams. Our Sport Hemp Protein powder has 50 grams of protein per 100 grams. Our Hemp powder is non-animal based, which means that it is vegan-friendly. Additionally, since it is also dairy-free, hemp protein is safe for people with milk allergies, unlike whey. So, while whey has more protein, we still have to declare hemp the winner as it is versatile and safe for a variety of diets.

The Winner: Hemp Protein

As you can see, the clear winner in the Hemp v Whey debate is definitely Hemp Protein. It tastes better, has far more nutrients and is perfect for a variety of diets. There’s just no way for whey to win this comparison given the many benefits of The Green Protein Sport and Vegan protein products.

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